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Terms and conditions of carriage

  1. General information
    1. To make a reservation constitutes acceptance of terms of carriage.
    2. You should be on the place indicated on the booking form 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of the car.
    3. The passenger undertakes to comply with the provisions of the regulations in force in the transport and the recommendations of the car (driver).
    4. The passenger should have valid travel documents entitling to cross the border (passport, identity card, valid visa).
    5. The carrier reserves the right to refuse the carriage of the person who does not have a valid travel document required to cross the border.
    6. The carrier reserves the right that the car will not wait more than 30 minutes per passenger if the compromise is other people in punktualnym the arrival to the location specified in the carriage.

    7. The carrier has the right, based on art.135 of the Act of 13.06.2003 to administer a foreigner to show a valid passport and visa from the passenger prior to the start of the journey. In the absence of these documents or their non-delivery, the carrier has the right to refuse to provide the service of carriage to a foreigner without the possibility of pursuing claims in this respect.
    8. In P.W. MITEX is forbidden to smoke, consume any alcoholic beverages, and other unused stimulants.
    9. The carrier has the right to refuse transport to a person who does not comply with the provisions of the regulations or is burdensome to other people. The legal consequences of the above events shall be borne by the passenger who has been refused carriage.
    10. Transport of animals and non-standard items is allowed after prior arrangement with the carrier.
    11. The passenger is liable for damage caused to the carrier (in particular damage to the vehicle) and to other persons on the general principles provided for in the Civil Code. The passenger is obliged to pay to the carrier the amount constituting the reimbursement of the total damage compensation.
    12. The carrier makes every effort to carry the passenger and his luggage in a timely manner, as specified in the booking form, but for objective reasons, independent of the carrier, can not guarantee it. This reservation does not apply to breakdowns of the carrier’s cars.
    13. The carrier is not responsible for the delay or cancellation of transfers due to reasons beyond his control (for example, closing the border, difficulties in border and road traffic, the elements) or any other unspecified consequences resulting from them.

    14. Unaccompanied minors are transported without carrier’s responsibility. The carrier may provide minor care for an additional fee.
  2. Person transport service
    1. The declaration of carriage takes place via the booking form.
    2. The price you enter is the gross amount for one person traveling one way.
    3. Failure to report to the passenger in the place and time of replacing the car before departure results in the withdrawal from the contract of carriage.
  3. Luggage
    1. The carrier does not bear any responsibility for the baggage carried by the passenger before Customs.
    2. Luggage should be carried in the luggage compartment of the car.

    3. A passenger may take hand baggage to the car, which can not make it difficult to travel to other people.
    4. It is forbidden to carry things that are not allowed to be transported on the basis of separate regulations.
    5. The carrier may refuse to carry luggage or dangerous objects or unpleasant odor.
    6. In the case of transporting items of greater value, the passenger insures them on his own and should report this fact to the car’s service.
    7. The carrier is not responsible for the loss of transported cash, securities, objects of scientific, artistic or collector value.
    8. Objects left by oblivion, inadvertent or for some other reason are not subject to protection and liability of the carrier.
    9. A passenger may file a complaint regarding the carried baggage directly to the car service only at the moment of its receipt.
    10. The fact of making a complaint should be approved by the car service in any written form.
  4. Other provisions
    1. The carrier reserves the right to perform the service as a subcontractor.

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