+48 601 701 950

As one of the 2 companies in Poland

Since 2005 we have recommendations Berlin Airports!

We turn to you with our offer-we operate from 1989 year, for several years we also offer transport services. We have the most modern and comfortable equipment and skilled and experienced staff.

We have all the necessary licences and authorisations for carriage of persons in domestic and foreign. Our fleet is new, up to with minibuses 9 and 20 buses-local. To that EFFECT, case demand for large coaches we have honest bank information about the best offer on the market. We also offer transfers for groups at national airport.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer-we will work and we will arrange any domestic and foreign trip. The highest standard of our services does not imply exorbitant prices! We offer very competitive rates on the market.

Mitex-Travel – Mieczysław Tepper 

Center of Comfortable Passenger Transport

e-mail: biuro@mikrobusy.net.pl

phone number: +48 601 701 950

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